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Wisconsin Baseball and Softball Teams and Players: Improve your plate discipline, reduce striking out, and be ready for live situations!

What if there was a way for you to assess your pitch recognition ability?  Fortunately, there is!

Used by Pros & numerous colleges - our partner, gameSense Sports, offers their exclusive, first of its kind Standardized Recognition Test (SRT) to assess and measure an athletes Pitch Recognition ability.

“If you can get better at [Pitch Recognition}, you can get better at hitting. It’s not all about the mechanics of the swing. This gives you a head start on everything…” — Arizona Diamondbacks Hitting Coordinator Chris Cron

The SRT measures your ability to read:

  • Pitch Type
  • Pitch Location
  • Overall Pitch Recognition (PR)

The SRT consists of 80 pitches to calculate your pitch recognition score.

Because of your affiliation with WSS, we have arranged for you to take the SRT for FREE. Simply click on the link below and get your score!

Take the SRT today:  



15 minutes/day for 7 days=200 virtual at-bats!!

WI Baseball Leaderboard

Players affiliated with WSS/MYAS get their scores posted to your Leaderboard(s) by hitting the “Compete” button in the gS app. The Leaderboard updates automatically. Players get one opportunity every 24 hours to post a score to the Leaderboard. 

WI Softball Leaderboard

MN Baseball Leaderboard


Spencer Spaulding

WSS Baseball Program Director

Chelsey Rodenkirch

WSS Softball Program Director

Phone: 608-210-1710

Patrick Reese

MYAS Baseball Program Director

Phone: 763-781-2220