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Softball Player Spotlight


With the 2019 softball season kicking off and in full swing, Wisconsin Sports Services will be featuring a softball player who is excelling both on and off the field. It is our goal to showcase all the wonderful things happening in the softball community around the state.


Players of all ages are welcome! High school athletes will be selected at random during the months of April through June. Upon completion of the high school season, we will feature players of all ages and levels. 


To register a player you feel should be recognized, click HERE. Create a username and password or register as a guest. Creating a username and password will allow you to go  back in and edit your submission at any time. From there, fill out and answer the player spotlight questions. You will also be asked to submit a photo of the player. We recommend this be a picture of them in their uniform and/or head shot. 


Be sure to follow our Facebook page and twitter to stay up to date on our softball player spotlights! 

Facebook: Wisconsin Sports Services

Twitter: @BadgerlandWSS