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GameSense FREE Promo Ends Soon

05/07/2020, 9:30am CDT
By WSS Staff

Get to the top of the newly added leaderboards!

Have you tried out the GameSense app yet? Improve your plate discipline, reduce striking out, and be ready for live situations! Now there is a leaderboard to see where you stand against the rest of the Badgerland Baseball/Softball and MN Gopher State Baseball app players!

Also if you are not playing, it is still FREE to sign up until Friday, May 15th! Players affiliated with WSS/MYAS get their scores posted to your Leaderboard(s) by hitting the “Compete” button in the gS app. The Leaderboard updates automatically. Players get one opportunity every 24 hours to post a score to the Leaderboard. 

15 minutes/day for 7 days=200 virtual at-bats!! 

Enjoy the FREE Promotion until May 15th 

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