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Softball Player Spotlight

04/24/2019, 3:30pm CDT
By WSS Staff

Ashley Bindl - Middleton H.S.

Highschool: Middleton High School

Grad year: 2019

Travel Team: Middleton Softball

Position: Third Base

GPA: 3.3

Softball Highlights:

1.  Having my teammates vote me for “most spirited on the team” and the “Jerry Haugen Award”

2. Getting to play at the varsity level as a freshman

3. Getting to play at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex (softball fields) in Florida


1. What's the biggest asset you bring to your softball team? One asset that I bring to our team is being a leader for my teammates. Also being there for them and supporting them throughout the whole season and throughout the off-season.

2. What are your personal short -term and long-term goals? 

Short-term: With softball I just want to get better each and everyday and try to push myself.

Long Term: I would really love to become an elementary teacher. I love working with kids and helping them explore and expand their knowledge.

3. Do you have any softball superstitions? I definitely have a lot of superstitions when it comes to softball. Out of our team, I am probably the most superstitious out of all of the players. I like to warm up with the same person while throwing, hitting in the same order on game days, and much more.

4. Who inspires you? The people who have inspired me are definitely my family since they have always encouraged me to go after my goals. Also, getting to play with upperclassmen throughout my years of playing for Middleton; and then to share my knowledge of the game to the underclassmen now.  

5. Most memorable moment of your high school career thus far? One of my most favorite memories was hitting a homerun against the Janesville Craig pitcher my sophomore year because she was one of the top ranked pitchers in our conference. It was such an awesome experience.

6. What are your plans after high school? I am planning to attend MATC for the transfer program in Elementary Education.

7. What’s the biggest obstacle that you’ve had to overcome? One of the biggest obstacles I have had to overcome was when I broke my hand in the summer playing softball and was unable to finish out the season with my summer team. It was hard from playing every game to sitting on the bench cheering for my teammates; however, it made me stronger knowing how much I wanted to get back out on the field. Also, I worked with teammates by encouraging them if they were struggling with batting or fielding; which helped me become more of a leader.

8. If you were stranded on a desert island, what’s one thing you’d want to have with you?  If I were  stranded on a desert island I would want to have a pizza oven and Jacks frozen pizza - it’s one of my favorite foods and could eat it any time of the day.

9. What’s a talent you have away from the softball field?  One talent I have away from the softball field is that I like to help people. I am always looking for ways to make it easier for people. In softball I love helping my teammates if they think something is off with a skill they are doing. I just think that it’s an important life skill.

10. What's the biggest life lesson that softball has taught you? One of the biggest life lessons that softball has  taught me is that you can’t take life so seriously. You have to let things go. One thing we say in softball a lot is “let things go, like water off a ducks back.” I think it relates to the real world in that you may make a mistake; however, if you hold onto the mistake it is going to cause more harm that good.


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