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About Us


2801 International Lane - Suite 209
Madison, WI  53704


The Wisconsin Sports Services (WSS) is an extension of the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to serve the youth and adult sports populations in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The organizations hold their nonprofit status based on an educational foundation.  Both the WSS and MYAS offer educational programs for coaches, umpires, referees, players, and parents.  The athletic programs are the "lifeblood' of the organizations where the educational programs provide the "skeletal structure."

We have created programs in the sports of youth basketball, youth baseball, youth fast pitch, youth wrestling, and adult slow pitch.

All events run by the WSS and MYAS are hosted by local sports groups that share in the revenues created by the event.  Every event is essentially a fundraiser for the local sports groups in Wisconsin and Minnesota communities.

Our motto: "Youth Sports Done Right"